A fast, easy to use static page generator

What is Liara?

Liara is a static page generator written in Python. It creates web sites which can be deployed to any web server and require no server-side logic. Liara is ideally suited for blogs or personal pages, especially if you need good syntax highlighting. For examples of Liara in action, check out and

Simple to use

Liara relies on simple text configuration files to set up your page. There's no need to write any code. Templates can be written using the Jinja2 or Mako template languages.

During development, you can use Liara's built-in server to quickly iterate on the content and styles. Deployment is as simple as calling rsync.


Processing a real-world sized page with 400 documents and 100 linked files takes less than 10 seconds with a cold cache. Liara symlinks files where possible so building pages with large binaries or images is very fast.

$ liara --verbose build
Build started
Cleaning output directory: "output" ...
Output directory cleaned
Discovering content ...
Discovered 1982 items
Processing documents ...
Processed 451 documents
Processing resources ...
Processed 391 resources
Publishing ...
Published 451 document(s)
Published 59 indices
Published 391 resource(s)
Published 347 static file(s)
Published 733 generated file(s)
Writing redirection file ...
Wrote 732 redirections
Build finished (6.88 sec)


Liara is a Python package. After obtaining pip, you can install it from PyPI using:

$ pip install liara

To get started, use the built-in quickstart which sets up a simple blog:

$ liara quickstart
$ liara serve